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The New Alternative Financing Program

New Alternative Financing Program (NAFP)  

Davis Financial Group (DFG) , has created the  NAFP  is for will-be buyers who have money for a Down Payment on a home (minimum of 10%), but do not qualify today for a standard mortgage.

NAFP is simple: 4 easy steps

Step 1: You get pre-qualified, at no cost, with DFG based on your ability to pay a mortgage and overall financial history 
(NOT just your credit score)

Step 2: When you’ve found the house you want to buy with your Realtor, Bill Davis will negotiate the price and DFG will complete the purchase on your behalf. At this point, Flex-Escrow is opened. DFG charges $4,000 for Closing Fee; and a minimum down-payment deposit of 10%. Bill Davis will go over any other expenses if they apply. Your down-payment is your future investment to reduce the principle when you secure a traditional mortgage. Remember there is NO CHARGE to see if you qualify, only when you open escrow.

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Step 3:  You move in! Congratulations, you entered into DFG innovative new Flex-Escrow program which allows you to close escrow anytime within the next 5 years, after the first year minimum lease and the price of the home will not change! You keep the appreciation! You have locked in the price and the payments with the flexible 5 year lease agreement so you know the home price will not increase and house payment is set, and you can enjoy YOUR home now!

Step 4: When you qualify for a traditional mortgage, you simply inform DFG that you want to close the Flex-Escrow account--and the home is yours! And you locked in at Today's prices.

Appreciation on the house is yours to keep!

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