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Promoting Your Home for a Successful Sale and Maximum profit 

The success of a property selling depends heavily on the marketing strategy that is created for you. Consistent and carefully planned marketing efforts will deliver excellent results.

1.   Internet advertising. Your property will be syndicated out to over 50 search sites.

2.   Social Networks. Letting your social network know your home is for sale.

3.   Choosing your Property description. The text of your real estate listing should be descriptive and specific enough.

4.   Use Photo and Video.  Good marketing strategy should rely on professional staging, photographs and video clips.

5.   Pricing your Home. Your home can reflect different prices depending on condition, location and other factors.

6.   MLS service. Your home will be advertised to every real estate agent that is searching in your area.

7.   Signs and Mailers. Text Message codes for your home will be placed on every sign and mailer for instant information about your home.




Home Evaluation

see what your home could sell for.

Simply enter your homes information below, and get a speedy response to your homes evaluation. The more information given, the more accurate the evaluation. All information you provide is secure and will be kept strictly confidential.  


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