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The Definition of Luxury


What does luxury mean? The definition of luxury is a bit different for everyone, and today's market for luxury homes reflects that reality. It's not just about a big home, or a great view, or the latest high-tech amenities. It's the whole package, from the home, to the neighborhood, to how it all fits with your lifestyle. There's no one way to define luxury, but there are plenty of items that include:



A Custom Fit - Luxury homes make the most of their surroundings, and many shoppers are looking for homes that incorporate nature. Great views might take priority in the mountains, while open space and easy outdoor access would be appealing by the beach. Creative use of the natural environment is a great way to set a luxury home apart from the competition.


Smart Tech - The most appealing luxury homes incorporate the latest and greatest technology. Today, that means leveraging smart tech and connected devices. Though the tech is new, the places where it makes the most difference are not. Luxury buyers love a high-tech kitchen, and that's unlikely to change anytime soon.


Size - It Isn't Everything, Luxury homes are often large, but that's certainly not a requirement. In cities, luxury construction companies are increasingly building up, rather than out, to make use of limited space. Even in rural areas, luxury doesn't have to mean a mansion. It all comes down to personal taste, and location.


Personal Touch - The average home is designed for the average home buyer. It's less personal, and more practical. While luxury homes are certainly still practical, they often exhibit more personal design touches. In other words, you want a home that fits your specific needs, not the needs of a generic buyer.


No Stress - Luxury buyers are not looking for a home to fix up. They want the opposite. If you plan to sell a luxury home, make sure all of its systems are in excellent shape, and that anything broken gets fixed as soon as possible.


Global Style - Luxury home designers pull their influences from all over the world to create a unique flavor, and some architectural trends never go out of style. In fact, many smaller luxury homes are built in the image of homes from other countries. Think mountainside villas in wine country, or high-end beachfront bungalows on the coast.


Still struggling to define what luxury means for you? It's also one of those things that you see it You'll know. So there's no substitute for visiting luxury homes yourself. When you're ready to start your search, contact Bill Davis for everything you need to find the perfect home.


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