Davis Financial New Alternative Finance Program Application

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Graduate Degree
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Property to be purchased

Property Address of Proposed Purchase (If known)

Bill Davis


Employment & Income information
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Current Employer
Current Employer Address
Current Job Title
Work Phone Number
Years on Job
Years in Profession
If less than 2 years, previous Employer
Years on Job (previous employer)
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Monthly Income (Wages)
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Monthly Income (Investments)
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Monthly Income (Child Support/Alimony)
Monthly Income (Other)
Monthly Income Total All Sources
Cash/Investment/Assets information
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Name of Bank
Type of Account
Name of Bank #2
Type of Account
Name of Brokerage Account (if none, type N/A)
Amount of Marketable Securities
Real Estate Owned (if none, type N/A)
Name of Business Owned (if applicable)
Net worth of Business (if applicable)
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Liability #1
Liability #2
Liability #3
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Total All Liabilities

Personal Reference Section
(References should be known for at least 3 years)

Applicant and Co-Applicant 
  Applicant   Co-Applicant
  Yes No   Yes No
Are there any outstanding judgements against you?  
Have you been declared bankrupt in the past 7 years?  
Have you had a property foreclosed on or given title or deed in lieu thereof in the past 7 years?  
Are you presently delinquent on any obligation?  
Have you ever had an auto repossessed or given title in lieu thereof in the past 7 years?  
Are you a party to a lawsuit?  
Are you a co-maker or endorser of a note or lease?  
Is any portion of your earnest money deposit borrowed?  
Are you a U.S. Citizen?  
Are you a permanent resident alien?  
Do you currently have any unpaid Federal, State or Local tax obligations?  
Are you obligated to pay Alimony, Child Support or separate maintenance?  

Applicant hereby authorizes verification of any and all information set forth on this application, including release of information by any bank, savings and loan, employer (present and former), landlord, and/or other lender. All such information hereon, and released as authorized above, will be kept confidential. APPLICANT REPRESENTS THAT THE INFORMATION SET FORTH ON THIS APPLICATION IS TRUE AND COMPLETE. Material misrepresentation on this Application will constitute default under the lease or Rental Agreement between parties.  This Application must be signed before it can be processed by Management.

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